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Employee Forms
Forms the IRD requires you to complete and return for your employees

Employer deductions form
(IR 66N or IR 66W) - send this in every month to show the total wages you paid for the month, and the total PAYE deductions. Due by the 20th of the following month. 
If your annual PAYE deductions are more than $100,000, you must lodge your payments electronically via the Internet. You will need to obtain the programme to do this from the IRD and run it on an IBM compatible machine (Apple Mac is not presently available).
However, this would mean you have an annual payroll of over $300,000, which is getting beyond most "small" businesses.) 

Schedule of names and IRD numbers
For any employees who started or stopped working for you: also due each month, by the same due date as the PAYE deductions. 

Student Loan or Child Support deductions
Fill in a schedule to show the employee's name, IRD number and amount deducted, and send it with the deductions to Inland Revenue by the same due date as your PAYE deductions. 

If an employee leaves
You must complete the IR 12 and give the yellow copy to him or her within seven days.

At the end of the financial year
Fill in the IR 12 form and give the yellow copy to your employee by 20 April. (Electronically Generated or manually completed)
Fill in annual reconciliation statements (IR 68P and IR 68A forms) to balance your monthly PAYE payments with the end of year totals on your employees' IR 12 forms, and to work out your ACC employer premium (explained above). 



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